Taking Care of Yourself From the Inside Out


While there’s lots of information about having a healthy heart and keeping your brain at its peak, not everyone thinks about caring for their largest organ, their skin.

Your skin helps maintain your body temperature, keeps out dangerous bacteria that can cause infection, and helps preserve the water essential to your survival. Not only does your skin play a crucial role in whole-body health, it’s also one of the most noticeable signs of poor health and aging.

Healthy skin is luminous, clear and has elasticity – all of which indicate that your skin is acting as a strong defense against injury and infection. Healthy skin is also beautiful skin, and does a better job of combatting the signs of aging. Dull, dry, dehydrated skin with reddened or flaky areas increases the appearance of age and fatigue.

To combat the signs of aging in your skin, preventative care is crucial. Whether you haven’t yet seen your first fine lines, or you are noticing visible wrinkles, starting now on a skincare regimen or getting back on a skincare protocol is essential. Drs. Divya and Anand Haryani have tested the top skincare lines, and after much research, decided to develop their own exclusive ViveMD skincare line to offer only at Haryani Dermatology and Aesthetics. An evaluation will determine which ViveMD products are best for your skin type and aesthetic goals. Each ViveMD product has its own unique active ingredients to target specific conditions.

Along with personalized skincare products for your specific concerns, don’t forget the basics! Using a skincare product with sunscreen is a daily “must do” for men and women who care about protecting the health and beauty of their skin. In addition, simple cleansing to remove build-up from every day exposure is the first building block for smooth and vibrant skin.

Protect your skin today = better you tomorrow!

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